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Bank and non-bank loans. Avoid risks and save money.

If one needs to borrow money, he wants to have cash available quickly – preferably immediately and preferably without unnecessary paperwork.

Often, however, it can sit on lime to less solid companies and expose themselves to unnecessary risks. How to avoid the pitfalls that an ordinary man awaits in the confusing jungle of the financial market?

Types of bank loans

Types of bank loans

Bank loans

Compared to non-bank loans they are cheaper and safer, but have more demands on the creditworthiness (creditworthiness) of the applicant. They require constant income and clean registers of debtors.

Non-bank loans

They are not so demanding on formalities and are more accessible and faster than conventional consumer loans from banks. But they are also significantly more expensive.

Loans immediately on account

Loans immediately on account

Promise to approve the application immediately and send money to your bank account in minutes. What does reality look like?

Fast loans up to 5000

Fast loans up to 5000

It offers a solution in case of unexpected expenses before the payout. They are fast, affordable, but very expensive.

Loans without a register

Loans without a register

Minor register entries may be tolerated or not checked at all. Only for non-banking companies.

Loans without proof of income

Loans without proof of income

Loan without paper receipt of income – just show the statement of internet banking. Today it can be found in the offer of banks.

Loss of employment, loss of income, but also the desire to fulfill your dream are the main causes of the indebtedness of Czech households. Many of them have fallen into debt trap due to debt, when old loans are repaid by new loans and they cannot break out of this situation.

It is important not to go into debt and solve your situation immediately – for example through personal bankruptcy. Helping hand offer free financial advice to help find the way out of debt out.

Financial literacy

Financial literacy

Can you manage finances? Do you know how to make a family budget? And what to do in case of sudden loss of income? If your only solution is a quick loan, it’s time to start working on your financial literacy.

A loan without proof of income will advantageously pay a fine or electricity, but never a whim

A special category of non-bank loans are loans without proof of income. They are referred to as scarecrows in the media. But there are people who can’t praise them. How is it possible?

A loan without a register really doesn’t have to be projected anywhere

Those who want to borrow less money but do not really want to have the slightest entry in the registers can take advantage of the offers of some non-banking companies that provide so-called loans without a register.

What they can unpleasantly surprise SMS loans before payday

Debt is simple, but breaking out of carousel loans can be over for a long haul. Therefore, before you arrange any loan, consider how the installments will affect your family budget. SMS loans before payout can be a significant risk.

Payment of bonuses: what are you entitled to?

Premiums are a variable, non-claimable salary or wage component that depends solely on the employer. They pay primarily for performance, dedication and savings, such as thanking and motivating employees. They cannot be confused with various surcharges, such as working in difficult environments and overtime.

A loan without registers can bring business into execution. Sometimes it can be stopped.

There are not many problems with execution in the Czech Republic. Executors often do not “delete” their work, irrespective of the execution even where it is strictly questionable. This may also be the case for distraint proceedings initiated on the basis of non-repayment of a loan without registers

Debt relief conditions were significantly relaxed in 2019, anyone can start personal bankruptcy now

Anyone who needs to take advantage of debt relief can try it from July 2019 without being dismissed beforehand. Indeed, the debt relief scheme enters automatically after a notification, which is quite simple.

Whether the insolvency has been successful and will be recognized will be decided by the court only after three years of its existence. In addition, it will be able to grant exemptions. The Czech Republic thus adapted to the European trend.
Do we really have to prove the income of a loan without proof of income?

A loan without proof of income is practically contrary to the Consumer Credit Act. After all, the lender must be convinced of the potential client’s ability to repay the loan! However, in the offer of non-banking companies we encounter just such a form of loan. How is that even possible?

What about loans without (proving) income?

The credit product presented as “Loans without Income” appears to be without the need to provide income to lenders. However, this is in contradiction with the new Consumer Act, which states that non-banking companies, even for short-term loans, have to assess the client’s monthly income and expenses, thus determining their ability to pay their liabilities.

In order to obtain a loan, it is not absolutely necessary to submit a paper receipt confirming the amount of income. Non-banking companies, as well as some banks, meet their clients’ needs and try to minimize and speed up the formalities with handling the loan.

On the financial market, we find so-called loans without proof of income, sometimes referred to as loans without papers. More about this can be found on this page.

One late repayment of past loans or underpayment by the mobile operator may be the cause of a negative entry in the debtors’ registers. Here too, the market offers solutions in the form of so-called loans without a register – more information can be found here.