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How Much Mortgage Can You Afford?

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The casing fall has not completely finished. But in many parts of the country, residential real estate is coming back big time, and – even making it possible to negotiate wiggle rooms built into question prices – even starting homes can carry six-digit tags these days. So it’s not surprising if your gut reaction is, […]

How much money can you borrow on a car loan – Auto Loan

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Your old four-wheeler has lost his time and want to buy a new car? The child was 18 years old and would like to surprise him with a brilliant metallic gift? Perhaps it is just necessary to cover the loan with a higher cost, but the banks do not accept the loan application? A flexible […]

Car Leasing – Auto Loan

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Poles buy 240,000 new cars every year, and it is well-known that a significant part of this sum falls on company cars. Increasingly, however, entrepreneurs do not want to reduce their liquidity, so they decide to lease. This option seems to be the most advantageous if we take into account that leasing installments are tax-deductible […]